Social Media Saves the Day

Eugene Mahlaba.jpg

Our Digify Africa program gained one more member through an act of kindness on Twitter. 

Say what you will but every once in a while, the power of social media will show off in an random act of kindness. This time, the act was giving Eugene Mahlaba a chance to attend Digify Africa’s training program taking place from 16 - 24 July. 

On Monday, July 15th, Eugene Mahlaba threaded on Twitter about becoming a digital marketing trainer through Digify Africa. As a multimedia creative (through the disciplines of photograhy, videography, radio and digital marketing), he shared emails correspondence and his excitement over the prospect over learning more about the digital space through the program. The only problem was, he needed a way to get from Pretoria to the Digify Africa offices in Melville, Johannesburg. 

Eugene’s battle with transportation is sadly not a new one. Like the 34% of South African workers than commute for more than 30 minutes to their place of work daily, according to South African Marketing Insights, 17% of students do the same. So often, education comes at the cost of access to it. From the lack of textbooks to an internet connection, broader knowledge is just as easily inaccessible through the getting there. Making a plea for his transport to the event, so he could give back in the knowledge that he was sure he would learn, the Twitter gods worked their magic. Hellen Seabi, presenter and Head of Music on Capricorn FM reached out and shared his story. 

The thread gained traction through likes and retweets and when the day for the digital marketing trainer sessions finally arrived, on July 16th, Eugene Mahlaba joined 30 other candidates at the Digify Africa offices. Able to make the trek from Pretoria to Joburg to expand his knowledge base, his story iterates the ways in which social media can be about more than sharing news and getting the latest drama, it can also be about lifting each other up to gain new opportunities. By using Twitter (and other social media platforms) to create a bigger network, Eugene showed that it truly can make dreams, however small, come true.