Digital marketing skills help aspiring entrepreneur



Introduction to digital marketing online course for the budding entrepreneur


In the age of digital, there is so much you can do to elevate your business and take it to the next level. Technology and social media is constantly advancing to not only help users have amazing online experiences, but to also help give businesses the tools to thrive through marketing and advertising. Digify Basics is an exciting programme that offers you a chance to gain all the useful digital knowledge and skills you need to help you promote your business. 

Just ask Katleho Mowe, a Digify Basics graduate who is on a mission to keep learning more about digital to help her boost her career. As a social media moderator for one of South Africa’s major banks and as an aspiring entrepreneur, Katleho decided to take the Digify Basics course after her employer recommended it to her.

“My employer told me about it because it was my first time being really into social media”, says Katleho. “She actually recommended it for me so that I can know more about social media, how it works and everything that goes on behind social media.”

When we asked her what the most memorable parts of the course were, she mentioned that it was discovering the kind of impact social media has in this day and age.

“I realised how social media is actually playing a really huge part in building our businesses and helping us drawing clients to our businesses. I learnt that social media is actually taking over because a whole lot of people are actually turning to social media. People’s lives are based around it.”

Digify Basics is a course that helps prepare entrepreneurs  and any other social media novice for a world where digital is the biggest form of influence in our communities and economies. In the course, participants get to have an informative and fun experience with the help of our most skilled trainers and they get to learn about digital marketing skills and concepts such as paid media on different platforms, SEO’s, web design, user experience,  content marketing and more.
We asked Katleho if she would recommend the course to anyone and this is what she had to say: 

“Definitely, especially for those who are starting their businesses. There is no other greater way in advertising your business via social media. Unlike other avenues, social media helps you actually get the clients that you want. It makes it easier than having to pay for a newspaper space where no one's gonna see and you can’t even track it, so I think that if you are starting a business than it would be a great start/. You learn so much and you can apply it to your own business or building your own personal brand on social media.”

If you too would like to build your knowledge on digital in order to help further career, you can click on the link below and apply for the Digify Basics course.