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The urgency to close the digital divide is more serious than ever…

In South Africa, digital literacy and inequality work side by side in a way that simultaneously aggravates the wealth gap, the digital divide and racial inequalities.


Want to turn your blog into a business? Lelo Boyana has great tips

Lelo Boyana turned her love of celebrity news into one South Africa’s leading celebrity and entertainment news blogs. Eight years after she launched, the site now has more 60 000 monthly online users.


This guy’s online store started as a Facebook page

Soko Huru means free market in KiSwahili. Soko Huru is also an online store that connects buyers and sellers in Kenya. Founded in 2015 by Sammy Subu and Raphael Kinoti, Soko Huru wants to become the next Ali Baba, an e-commerce company with interests in Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America.


Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

Profiling yourself on social media networks maybe quite daunting, but it really is easier than you think. It is important to do a social media audit so as to make the right impression for future employers, as they do not only look at CVs. For that reason, your presence online is important too.


Social media for brands

When it comes to social media we often think it’s all about posting statuses, being witty and having good pictures that make you look cool and create more engagement, but really it’s a different ball game when you are managing the social network pages for brands.   


Meet our top 5 digital hustlers

Instead of using the internet just for socialising, there are young South Africans who are building livelihoods and inspiring careers from social media platforms and various websites. Here is a list of 5 individuals who have used the internet to create careers, run businesses and add to our culture.

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Application For Social Media Moderator

Calling all social media fanatics with excellent writing and engagement skills! Join the Standard Bank social media engagement team with VML South Africa together with Digify Africa who have built the Dinaledi tribe over the past year to change the way social media moderation and engagement is done. Are you up for the challenge to join this dynamic team?