International HIV/AIDS organisation, Avert, wanted to create a  youth-friendly communications resources about HIV for people aged 15-24 years. Digify Africa created a 5-part animation package to equip young people in southern Africa have the skills, knowledge and capacity to protect themselves from HIV, get tested regularly and, if they are positive, live healthily with HIV.

The focus area for the first Young Voices content package (based on input at the recent youth workshop) was Sex and relationships. The content examined a host of issues around healthy and unhealthy relationships, focusing on the choices and options young people have in a non-judgemental and sex-positive way.

Ultimately, all of the animations focused on decision-making around sex and relationships – laying out options and providing information rather than being prescriptive. To make it relevant, we made sure it included real scenarios and dilemmas faced by young people in Southern Africa

Watch one of the animations here: