No photography lessons? no worries!

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms where people flock to visually document their lives. But sadly, not everyone is a professional editor/ photographer so the images don’t turn out as great. 

There is an app or three that can make your pictures look super cool, have the same feel and look professional can be a great help. We are living in an era of accessibility. and constantly want things that work smarter not harder.  

Here are three easy to use apps to up your Insta game. 

Snapseed (Android & iOS)

This app offers editing tools at a very professional level and for free, its intuitive interface is user friendly and that doesn’t mean functionality is compromised. Your original image can be modified using the airbrushing tools, highlights, and adjustments of lighting. The app has different effects and enhancements and an automatic option for users that aren’t sure of how to independently edit their images. 

Once you start creating your specific edits, Snapseed creates a history of those edits that can be used again when editing a new image. You might get addicted to having your images go via this app before they go onto your Instagram feed.

VSCO (Android & iOS)

This is a very popular app, and the beauty about this one is not only the features that it has to offer, but also the fact that it offers a community for creatives to connect, create and share their work. You can go onto Instagram and search #VSCO and it will bring up a huge community of photographers, casual users and editors that use VSCO on a daily basis. To achieve the perfect image, VSCO has an in-app camera that is set to allow you to take the perfect shot, you will be able to edit that image and save without exiting the app. The app offers some standard editing tools like saturation, highlights, temperature and vignette which can all be edited to your preferred measure. VSCO also offers some of the best filters and this is what sets them apart from the other apps. The filter packages can be purchased and you can enjoy different tones that you can use to create a signature look and feel for your feed and make it standout. If you have the urge to evolve your Instagram, be sure to try out VSCO.

Afterlight (Android, iOS & Windows 10)

You’ve probably been wondering where your faves are getting that grunge old school look from, well we are here to save the day. Afterlight is an app that is very straight forward to use, either take a picture with their built-in camera or upload swipe and edit. The best thing about Afterlight is their textured filters, in particular, their light leak or dusty option that give the edited image that extra level to make it stand out. The filters are very high quality, and used on the right photo, it can make the light flare seem organic. We’d suggest that the edits of this app are used to break the look on your feed every now and then to make it look cool and unique.